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 Graduates of pre-clinical studies that are during the practical clinical year may apply (i.e graduated all pre-clinical and clinical theoretical years). we offer you the opportunity of joining our vets on their daily visits and learn from their experience and practice

Vets are also welcome to apply for vet externship.

For more information please check  the procedure and application forms below

Forms - for Students
students-application form
students-infective diseases
Forms - for Vets
vets-application form
vets-payment form
vets-infective diseases
What visiting vets and students say about us
Federico Battaglia, Italy 2018

I really loved my experience in Israel

Celilia Tolaci, Italy 2018

I learned a lot about the figure of the vet: more than a clinician

Lorna Jubran -Germany. 2017

Thank you so much for the opportunity

Vito Vullo, Italy 2017

.Thanks Hachaklait and Dr. Sharir and Dr. Tomer I was able to learn many pic to read more

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