About Us

“Hachaklait” by the farmers and for the farmers since 1919.

“Hachaklait” is a cooperative for clinical veterinary services owned by farmers in Israel, established 100 years ago, and currently employing about 50 vets. “Hachaklait” serves nearly 80% of the dairy cattle population in Israel – including close to 700 dairy farms with over 90,000 milking cows, about 50 beef herds with 20,000 dams, and 30,000 Steers in 250 feedlots, as well as 200 sheep and goat farms.

“Hachaklait” core business is intensive herd medicine in most of Israel dairy farms. Farm information is harvested to a central database, producing various monitoring and analytic epidemiological reports. “Hachaklait” registrars and distributes veterinary drugs and equipment to the vets and to the clients. “Hachaklait” has a clinical research unit performing field trials in collaboration with local and global commercial, government, and academic bodies. “Hachaklait” is involved in technical consulting overseas in various countries.

Our services are given 24/7, year-round.

We strongly advocate low and rational drug use and prevention of drug residues from entering into the food chain.

Heritage of Hachaklait
Established in 1919 as a cooperative society, owned and managed by the farmers for the benefit of the farmers, employing veterinarians. From just a few farms around the Sea of Galilee, Hachaklait steadily grew into a strong, thriving organization that encompasses the entire country.

Our Services
Hachaklait believes in the need for intensive service at all levels: individual sick animals, herd health, prevention and control of infectious and production diseases, food safety, and animal welfare. Our vets visit cattle, sheep, and goats farm regularly. Each animal receives several routine visits per year to assure it is producing at maximum efficiency. Cows are checked after

calving for both clinical and sub-clinical diseases, for reproductive status and before drying-off. All the data from each individual cow is collected at the farm and processed by Hachaklait. Hachaklait is working with customers overseas in various countries, climates and management types. Hachaklait supports and performs clinical field trials and epidemiological studies.

Our Personnel
Headed by Dr. Gabi Kenigswald, the Chief Veterinarian, around forty vets serve as district

practitioners throughout Israel. Some also serve as consultants for Clinical Nutrition, Parasitology, Lameness, Youngstock, Beef, Feedlot, Ultrasonography, Bull Soundness

Examination and small ruminants.
Our epidemiology department produces a monthly and annual herd report for each farm, monitoring and analyzing production and reproduction performance. Our Herd Health experts meet with every farm’s personnel to advise them on future improvements based on the findings.

Hachaklait has a small research unit to manage clinical field trial surveys, and investigations in house, and in cooperation with national and international academic and commercial parties.

Supply of Pharmaceuticals
Hachaklait handles the import and distribution of a wide range of remedies vaccinations and equipment and operates a large, modern central warehouse. We strongly advocate the prudent and rational use of pharmaceuticals and do our utmost to prevent drug residues from entering the food chain.

Our Affiliations
Hachaklait is closely interacting and collaborating with the national Veterinary Services, the Israeli Milk Board, the School of Veterinary medicine, Research bodies and others.

Hachaklait actively promotes continuing education for both our vets and clients, to keep them up to date with all updates in the veterinary knowledge.



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