Andrea Preiswerk -Switzerland. 2019

My experience in Israel exceeded my expectations by far and I had an amazing month working with four different vets. The vets were immensely patient and helped me improve my practical skills (especially in rectal palpation) with helpful explanations and demonstrations. All of them encouraged me to keep asking questions and tried their best to give me an answer to whatever topic came up and to share their knowledge with me. The advanced veterinary service in Israel astonished me on a daily basis and it was wonderful to see how dairy farming can still work under such harsh conditions as the heat. The herd health practice in Israel differs a lot from the one practiced in Switzerland and getting to know the Israeli system was one of the most interesting things during this month. With only very (!) basic Hebrew I did not know what to expect from this externship, but it turned out that all the farmers spoke at least a little bit of English and were very welcoming and happy to show someone from another country their everyday life.
I honestly learned more in these four weeks about dairy cow medicine than I had learned during all my time at University. Thank you so much to all the people who made this experience what it was: For offering me rooms, meals and insightful glimpses in the culture and the tremendous history of this beautiful country. Spending time with the vets and their families helped me to understand what life in Israel is like and gave me a better understanding of the conflict too. I’m extremely grateful for this experience and I am sure that I will be back in Israel soon! Toda raba!

Cecilia Tolaci -Italy. 2018

I spent two weeks in Galilee joining three different vets and I really had a great experience. I improved my knowledge about the infectious disease that I studied only on books, but never had the chance to see in real life as I did here. I learned a lot about farming management and most important about the figure of the vet: more than a clinician.
Beyond the veterinary area, I really enjoyed Israel and all the nice people that I met and that gave me the possibility to grow up professionally and personally.

Vito Gullo -Italy. 2017

Thanks, Hachaklait and Dr. Sharir and Dr. Tomer I was able to learn many things.
I had the opportunity to work in a pattern in mind.
Working with them I learned, really, to be able to visit a cow and issue differential diagnoses.
It was an experience that I will recommend highly.

Kandice Runyon -Canada. 2016

My time in Israel with the veterinarians at Hachaklait Vet Services exceeded all my expectations. I learned so much about the dairies, the animals and the dairy industry as a whole. I was given the opportunity to palpate many cows, collect urine for ketosis monitoring as well as monitor fresh cows and treat metritis. We also assessed and treated sick cows and calves on a daily basis. The veterinarians were patient and encouraging teachers and challenged me to obtain new skills. The farm’s owners and managers were also very willing to answer my many questions and even feed me on lucky occasions.

Beyond the veterinary side of things, I learned a lot about the industry, the culture, the religion and the immense history of Israel and its people. I never imagine how much I would learn in two weeks. The drives from farm to farm were fantastic and insightful, as the vets always let me pick their brain about Israel past and present. Everyone was very welcoming and helped me to explore the best of Israel when not working. The vets had lots of information and tips on where to eat, what to see and how to get there! I am so grateful for this experience and hope I will have the opportunity to return to Israel again sometime!

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