Rebecca Rehage -Germany. 2015

I stayed six weeks as an extern with Hachaklait – it was a great experience and I learned more than I ever imagined. I guess there is hardly any other country reaching the same level of perfection in Herd Health Management as Israel and I am really happy and thankful that I had the opportunity to acquire parts of their knowledge. Even if only my right arm gained a lot of muscles and looked afterward like the arm of a javelin thrower, I was able to improve my practical skills especially in rectal palpation – probably the most important part. Besides that, it was interesting and helpful to learn something about their management of antibiotics and possibly upcoming infections, which haven´t reached us in Europe so far.
All of the vets are very kind, patient, helpful and always willing to share their knowledge and the same applies to most of their farmers. We traveled a lot while visiting the farms and I was able to see a lot of the beautiful landscape of Israel – from the Egyptians in the south to the Lebanese and Syrian border in the north, the nature is so varied and variable like the citizens and their temper.
I really hope I will be able to transfer at least parts of Hachaklait´s system to ours in Germany.

It was absolutely amazing and I would do it any time again – or recommend it to everybody! Thanks a lot